Racism Compare And Contrast Essay

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I have not lived in Minnesota for very long but already I can see that the white majority has a hard time distinguishing the difference between what is being prejudice and what is not. An uneducated person might see this as racism. Depending on who the racial slurs or racial prejudices are coming from. Prejudice is racism with the absence of power. Most people with negative views against minority groups are prejudice because the are coming from a place where they have no influence (Power) on other people and how they think and view minority groups. Minnesota being a predominantly white rural state with more liberal view points I have seen that there is less purposeful prejudice and more ignorant and uninformed prejudice. People are not aware …show more content…
I have been asked for my green card called every racial slur for a Latino male that you can think of. I have heard racial jokes about all races and sexual orientations. To a white man this is just a joke but to a man of color this is a problem. I do not wish to hear jokes about my race and Latino stereotypes. I do not want to here people make fun of my family history and culture for a quick laugh. when I was younger I didn’t know how to defend myself against these prejudice views because I was uneducated about the problem. These examples of prejudice were never touch upon in all my years of education in the public school system which is and embarrassment to what these great United States of America prides itself on according to the bill of rights. In these bill of rights, it states that all men are created equal and as most people know this has not always been the case. Racism, heterosexism, ageism, etc. have always been apart of the united states since it was founded in 1776. I feel that American public schools are not exposing young adolescence to these problems. Therefore, how are we as a generation suppose to start fighting against these prejudices if we are

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