Racism And Equality : A Safe Haven By Jessica M. Baron Essay example

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Most people are their religion as a safe haven, a place to turn to when the woes of the world seem very dire and extreme. But, what happens when the places where religions are practice—generally called churches—are plagued with the same issues that are prevalent in every other aspect of society? The issues of racism and managed diversity are no strangers to religious interactions. In the article “Managed Diversity; Race, Place, and an Urban Church”, these concepts are examined in relation to religious interactions. The author, Jessica M. Baron, a theologist and sociologist delved into inner-city churches over the span of 18 months to study the manifestation of racism and managed diversity in church communities. The findings were as expected; race issues do exist in churches. These matters are examined in a number of ways and accounts are taken from multiple members of multiple churches, with the main one being “Downtown Church”. The responses to managed diversity are generally the same coming from minorities, and the same coming from white people. Throughout this article, the notion that racism and managed diversity are alive and harmful to the religious world is pushed through obvious logic and reason, effortlessly coercing readers to side with the author’s point of view an sympathize with the minorities that are being undermined in churches. Within the dissecting of this article, it becomes evident that the issues of racism, classism, and cultural appropriation are no…

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