Racism And Discrimination : How It Goes Both Ways Essay

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Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare: How it Goes Both Ways
“Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means to them, you are invisible” -Nayyirah Waheed

March 13th 2013, I had injured my left bicep something fierce like while competing in a mixed martial arts contest. The only way I could describe the pain was as an electric type of shooting constant pain that caused numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand. I must have been referred to no less than four orthopedic doctors, each diagnosing me with a muscle strain. One month later I was still feeling the effects of this muscle strain and I asked my primary care physician (whom was a Indian Woman from India with a thick Indian accent) to refer me to get an MRI done just to ease my mind. She reluctantly put in the referral for me and within four days of completing my MRI, it was found that I had a complete rupture of my bicep. Upon reading me the results on the MRI she apologized multiple times for overlooking my injury and the next day I was referred to another Indian Ortho doctor (also from India) as he was to perform my bicep repair surgery. His accent was even thicker than my primary physician , his bed side manners were different and even though I’m sure he knew what he was doing because he was an Ortho doctor, I just didn’t feel comfortable being cut open by someone I couldn’t really understand and was so different. I then asked to be referred to a different orthopedic doctor to perform my surgery.…

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