Essay Racial Tension : The Killing Latasha Harlins

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The killing Latasha Harlins added even more to the racial tension that was amplifying in Los Angeles. Black Americans played a keen role inside the 1992 Los Angeles race riots. Many were angered by the unfair treatment served both to Rodney King and Latisha Harlins, and the lack of justice they received. Black Americans in turn revolted because they were immensely discontent with the unjust treatment they faced. Being that there was turmoil between the Black American and Asian American population, many black riots decided to trash the businesses of many Asian Americans.
The local media provided viewers upfront seats to the damage that was being caused in Los Angeles. The local media as well, forced through their footage the concept that a majority of blacks were criminals. Many neglect to talk about other Black Americans roles in the riots. Not all Black Americans took the route of destruction and rioting, many in turn protested and exclaimed that there was no point in destroying their own neighborhoods. Rioters caused a vast amount of damage to Los Angeles. The riots lasted for 6 days; around 55 people were killed as a result (some by rioters and some by cops) , around 2000+ were injured, and lastly, around 11,000 were arrested for their participation in the riots. Rodney King was the face of injustice at that current time. The media shaped him to be the voice of reason towards the rioters. Mr. King was put on television to spread a message to his fellow Los Angelens. He…

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