Racial Profiling, Over Policing And Excess Force Essay

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Racial profiling, over-policing and excess force are plaguing communities all over the country: Pennsylvania’s American Civil Liberties Union empowers Pennsylvanians with a new app designed to address law enforcement misconduct: The Mobile Justice PA app came about partly due to the instances in which Philadelphia police officers impeded or arrested citizens who were filming them.

The First Amendment protects Americans against governmental censorship, allowing freedom of speech. Law enforcement officers serve on behalf of the government and are public officials: Therefore, one would believe that the right to film police officers without concerns about legal repercussion would be expected; however, courts are split concerning this matter and are working toward a resolution.
The Importance Of The Right To Film Law Enforcement

Transparency in law enforcement is extremely important to the public. Pennsylvanians ability to film police offers valuable evidence related to government misconduct. Filming police officers is not legal in all 50 states; however, in states where it is legal there is a misconception that it is not.

The United Stated Department of Justice supports the right to record; still, just four federal appeals courts ruled this right exists. Meanwhile, some federal appeals’ courts have given narrow rulings stating that a clearly established right does not exist, an others have not offered a ruling concerning the matter."
Benefits Of The Mobile Justice PA App…

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