Essay about Racial Profiling Effective Or Offensive?

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Racial Profiling Effective or Offensive?
Racial profiling has always had a diversified standpoint among many Americans. Although, some believe that is a provocative and productive means of picking out criminals, many argue that it is official and specifically targets minorities. Racial profiling is the use of an individual’s race or ethnicity as a key factor in deciding whether to engage in enforcement. The practice is controversial and is illegal in many jurisdictions. It should not be confused with offender profiling, which is an investigative tool. There are many ways to showcase the impulsiveness of racial profiling such as Defining Racial Profiling, The History of Racial Profiling, Racial Profiling in the United States., The Legality of Racial Profiling, The Law in Arizona SB 1070, Support of Racial Profiling, Criticism of Racial Profiling, Where Racial Profiling is in Practice, NYPD Demographics Unit, Urban Communities, Law Enforcement, Empirical Evidence, Public Opinion and Perception of Race and Safety, Influence of Religious Affiliation, Context of Terrorism and Crime, and Mexico. These ideals display both sides of racial profiling in an attempt to present an intriguing thought “Should racial profiling be used as a practical method of any organization?”
The idea of racial profiling has been conveyed in various ways, such as: “Any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual or information…

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