Racial Profiling : An Individual Criminal Behavior Based On Race

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Issues Relating to Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement
Law enforcement officers often use the term profiling, which refers to a practice of describing individual behavior (positive or negative) and/or certain personal characteristics. At some point in time, the term profiling has evolved from its original specific intent and shifted from an individual’s actions to the individual’s race, ethnicity or national origin of an individual. Many individuals have seen law enforcement officers from interstate highways to airports describe an individual criminal behavior based on race. In the United States, racial profiling has been used as a way to stereotype an individual or groups solely on race and/or even on the person’s negative behavior still with race. It is important to note that negative behaviors do not relate to a person race or origin, but it is based on the unethical decisions the person makes. Racial profiling is no joke.
Racial profiling has been a long standing problem that has eroded away at the foundation of law enforcement for decades. With the changes of seasons in the United States, it is important to know that racial profiling has nothing to do with criminal profiling. In fact, racial profiling has been confused with criminal profiling and there is a very fine line between the two concepts and terms. Racial profiling is extremely damaging to every aspect of law enforcement and is often used to solve crimes. Whereas criminal profiling is now a term or concept…

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