Racial Divide, Political Corruption, And Wealth Inequality Essay

1132 Words Jan 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout its existence America has been called a country of Equality, Liberty, Rights for All, Democracy and of course Opportunity. In our infancy people of all origins flocked to America in hopes of obtaining these ideals stated in our declaration. Even today, many still hope to relocate in order to have their chance at a slice of the American dream. However, those siding with the Progressive movement of the early 20th century disagreed and thought that America still had plenty of room for improvement before these ideals could be fully lived up to. I have to agree with many of the progressives’ views when considering this point in history. If you look to the racial divide, political corruption, and wealth inequality present in America from the time the declaration was signed to the time the progressive era started to gain momentum you can see that the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence were not being lived up to.
One of the easiest arguments concerning how we have not lived up to our own ideals is of course slavery. It’s quite inarguably hypocritical to say “all men are created equal” (Declaration of Independence) only to kidnap so many and force them to do hard manual labor without pay to increase a white man 's profit. Unfortunately, America’s struggle with an intense racial divide wasn’t isolated to this one great injustice or even just one race. Take for example the horrific treatment and mass genocide of Native Americans largely during the time of…

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