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Discrimination – “a positive or negative attitude toward an individual based on his or her membership in a religious, racial, ethnic, political, or other groups”. (Webster’s New Word Dictionary). Discrimination is still among our nation and our world today. Many people would argue this accusation, but the fact is that if discrimination was not still present then why are there laws still banning it? Discrimination can be viewed as favorable or unfavorable, depending if a certain party receives favors or opportunities, or that party is denied these favors or opportunities. Discrimination is not just among races or ethnic groups, it is among different genders, religions, preferences in
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This caused a whole controversy, based on if Affirmative Action was still needed. Some people say yes it is needed and that the University of Michigan was only doing the right thing by helping out less fortunate kids. But others say no, due to the fact that if a kid is less fortunate, than that kid should work harder to get into a school of his or her choice. However, Affirmative Action is not only a controversy in the Universities but also in the workplace. In the workplace there is a great deal of evidence that shows racial and gender discrimination still are apart of the American workplace. Studies have shown that when hiring people that a black man vs. a white man or a white woman vs. a white man, that the white man will get the job 45% of the time (Donald Tamaskovic-Devy). Studies have also shown that if a white woman were to go head to head with a white male in sales that the white man would sell more than the female. Does this mean that the white man is a better sales rep than the white female? No it does not, it just means that a business man feels more comfortable buying from a white male than a white female. In Sociologist Donald Tamaskovic-Devy study of workplaces he found that 70% of the workplaces in North Carolina had coworkers of the same gender, and 56% of these workplaces had the same race. This statistic means hat Affirmative Action is not doing its job. Do we still need Affirmative

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