Racial Discrimination And Gender Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination can take on many different forms such as racial, work, social, and gender. Gender can be considered as the social structure of the roles of males and females which can also be called gender roles. The kind of discrimination that is commonly seen is racial discrimination, and just as equally seen is the discrimination based off of gender.
The rise of gender discrimination in the work place came about with the rise of racial discrimination. The United States was in a time where white males had ultimate priorities over other races and females. The society of the United States has been carved by “policy-makers” who were males (Tanzim 6). Job seekers would post signs saying “looking for male workers” (Maclean 48). This directly made an impact on the number of opportunities available for females. During the time of white male priorities, came the notion of ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’ (Maclean 46). ‘Women’s work’ was defined as typically providing children for males as well as taking care of them, the family, and the housework (Maclean 46). The housework typically included cooking and cleaning. While ‘men’s work’ was defined as having an actual job that brought in an income to provide for the families (Maclean 46). These classifications are what really drove the wedge between males and females in the workplace. The preconceived definitions of gender roles have carried onto the future generations of the United States. Since the 1960s, women in the United States…

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