Essay about Race and Culture in the Americans

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Development of racial thinking
The intrusion of Europe into the orient was spearheaded by the intention to create trading routes to China during the 15th century (Hauner, 2013). This search for trading routes led to various historical accounts. During this search, Hauner (2013) indicates that the Age of Discovery and the introduction of early modern warfare were initiated by the Europeans in the Far East. These activities increased the presence of the activities of European nation in the Asian countries hence leading to colonization of several countries. The European existence in the Asian continent was so immense in that East Timor got its independence from Portugal in the year 2002 (Stevens, 2010). The western nations used the concepts
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The European came into Africa with the concept of ‘discovery’. There was an outbreak of discoveries including discovering physical features that were existent in the African region (Davidson, 2014). This concept was ideal in making the African society to believe that they were less intelligent because the whites were discovering everything and this propelled the white community into supremacy because their subjects had already been subdued. Through this experience the thinking of ‘othernesses developed within the African society (Davidson, 2014). The African community began to feel that the ideas from the other race were more supreme and more efficient. The African society became more submissive to the ideals of the white community because they had proven that they had power and they were intelligent.
The invasion of America by Spain and Britain contributed to the racial thinking concept. Native Americans had their own distinct languages. However, with the intrusion of Spain and Britain the natives were assimilated into speaking the languages of their colonial masters. Through the use of language both Spain and Britain made the natives and immigrants to believe that English and Spanish were more superior to their languages. America lost its varied culture and most of them define themselves through the ability to speak American English with a mixture of Spanish (Mahoney, 2010).
Role of Greek and Roman mythology to medieval and renaissance fantasy
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