Race Is A Divisive And Emotionally Charged Topic Among Physical Anthropologists

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I. Introduction
In fact, “the concept of race is a divisive and emotionally charged topic among physical anthropologists” (Cartmill, 1999, p. 651). The word race is rarely used in the modem, nonhuman evolutionary literature because its meaning is so ambiguous. When it is used, it is generally used as a synonym for subspecies (Futuyma 1986:107-109). However, there is no exact meaning for race. The old-style definition of a race is that of a geographically circumscribed, genetically differentiated population. (Smith, Chiszar, & Montanucci, 1997). Moreover, problematic issue of meaning term of an evolutionary genetic perspective is that “many traits and their underlying polymorphic genes show independent patterns of geographical variation” (Futuyma, 1986, p. 108). Consequently, the race definition has not specific amount of the number and that can be recognized under this concept, “and indeed this notion of subspecies quickly becomes indistinguishable from that of a local population” (Templeton, 1998, p. 632). Place minimal quantitative thresholds on the amount of genetic differentiation is one method to recognize races (Smith, Chiszar, & Montanucci, 1997). Another way according to (Templeton, 1998) the geographical patterns which found for particular "racial" characters are the only method that defines races. In conclusion, a races are labeled “(Black, White, Mongoloid or Native American) along with age, sex, and height in their descriptions of unidentified remains” (Sauer,…

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