Race, Gender And Class Essay

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Today, race, gender and class are critical like in any other time. Today, they define who you are to others, they distinguish you. According to your race you get treated in a certain manner, sometimes people mistreat you because of your race and sometimes they don’t. Because of your gender people underestimate you, you might have limitations or you might also get mistreat it. You can also have high standards according to your gender, or have automatic respect. But because of your class, you can be the victim of any of the actions already mention. The Lower classes might be victims of the majority of the negative things according to the upper classes but victims of the good ones within their people and the same for the upper classes. Race, gender and class in American Colonial life, like today, have been big factors due to the actions they create. Race has taken away the liberty of many people during the American Colonial life. For example, all the Indians who were enslaved. I see this as taking advantage of this race ignorance since they didn’t have the necessary resources to defend themselves from all the people who wanted to take advantage of them. Bartolome de las Casas shows how Indians had no liberty, Spanish people were taking advantage of them no rights for which he fought for . He came up with las Nuevas Leyes, which give rights to the Indians. I believe this was an extraordinary thing to do, mainly because De as Casas was likely to have most of the people…

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