Race And Oppression Of African Americans Essays

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Race has played a central role in America since the very beginning. Since the moment we first arrived in America we held the mental statement that the white race was the superior race. The first race to feel oppression from the white man were the Native Americans that presided in these lands before us. Since then we have managed to use those who were brought over/ immigrated here for our own personal gain and yet mistreat them. African Americans, in my opinion, endured the most oppression for the longest period of time. Africans slaves were first brought over to the United States in 1619. Slaves were used for labor such as in plantations where they would grow and harvest crops. Slavery was not huge in America until cotton boomed. Once the southerners found a stable source of income from “king cotton”, they planned on maintaining it. Africans were being brought over and then sold to southerners as if they were animals. Most families were separated from one another during auctions. African Americans tried fighting back at first, but stopped because the consequences they would face were too painful or led to death. White owners would punish/torment their slaves in various ways. Most would whip them, some would brand them, and a few (such as Madame Delphine LaLaurie) would torture/kill them for pleasure. This mistreatment of the slaves led many to turn against the use of slavery. It wasn’t until around the mid 1800s when people made this realization. Shortly after that, it…

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