Isolation In Susan Glaspell's Of Mice And Men

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The mental abuse and the isolation probably caused Mrs. Write to become mentally ill. However, there is one specific thing that most likely caused her to become ill enough to kill her husband. That thing is the fact that Mr. wright probably killed her beloved bird. When Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters were looking for sewing supplies to take to Mrs. Wright, they found a beautiful red box hidden in her fabrics. When Mrs. Peters opened the box, she saw that there was a dead bird in it. When Mrs. Hale saw it, she said, “But, Mrs. Peters—look at it! Its neck! Look at its neck! It 's all—other side to,” and then Mrs. Hale said, “Somebody—wrung—its—neck" (Glaspell 1011). John was killed in the same exact manner as the bird. That makes a person think that …show more content…
Wright was not mentally ill and that the murder was justified: “[Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters] reflect her husband would not have liked a thing that sang and would have silenced it as he silenced the singing Minnie. As they share and ponder, the mundane details of Minnie 's life lead Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters to comprehend what their husbands do not: the motive for the murder” (Holstein 283-284). That quote shows how the women knew who the murderer was and why she killed her husband. Considering they knew that, a person would think they would tell the sheriff of all the clues they had found. However, they chose to stay quiet because they believed the murder was justified: “Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters ultimately find power in being devalued, for their low status allows them to keep quiet at the play 's end” (Holstein 284). Even considering all of the reasons Mrs. Wright had to be mad at her husband, she still had no reason to kill him and must have been mentally ill to go through with it. Even more convincing that she was mentally ill is the way she hanged him while he was sleeping. Divorce may have been very hard for her, but it would have been a much better option than killing a man. There is never a valid reason for murder, and the two women should not have tried to protect Mrs.

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