Character Analysis: Of Mice And Men

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Joey Rizzi
Ms. Andrews
English B
October 25, 2015
Of Essays for Of Mice and Men
The Great Depression was a time of sorrow and loneliness that is indescribable by word of mouth. Loneliness in the story, “Of Mice and Men”, by John Steinbeck is something that comes up so often because of the time period this takes place in. John Steinbeck proves loneliness in this story and how it affects character’s dreams and desires by putting interesting characters that are isolated in a different way than everyone else. Crooks, Lennie, and George are three of the most well rounded characters that show loneliness and depression during this tragic time period.
Crooks is a black man during a time of racism. His desires are to fit in with all the white people
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Lennie’s dreams are to live with George on a farm and live off the crops and the animals. He feels loneliness often throughout the book, including when George makes him feel useless during the beginning and tells him that Lennie does not help George in any way, but bother him. Lennie takes it seriously and expresses his feelings. He says, “‘If you don’t want me I can g’ off in the hills an’ find a cave”’(Steinbeck 12). In this quote Lennie shows that he can be angered easily and feels lonely even though George is with him. He tells George that he can live without him as well. Of course George does not believe it and tells Lennie to calm down because they can stick together. Although Lennie always gets left off easy, he shows that his loneliness affects his dreams of living on a farm. This is how loneliness takes over Lennie’s …show more content…
These three characters were changed by their loneliness and were not the same person at the end. Crooks was never able to completely become accepted in the world. Lennie was acting foolish when he killed Curley’s wife. He was later punished and shot by George as he thought this was the best thing to be done. George let his fears overcome him and his loneliness in being stuck with Lennie had ended. George never completely was able to foresee that his dream would never come to be. Unfortunately, loneliness was a major factor in this story and ruined the character’s hopes and dreams. As anyone could notice, loneliness was the major factor and it builds the story and makes it

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