Essay on Questions On Writing And Writing

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In chapter three if you read it in depth it really does help with the understanding of writing and breaks down the steps of the writing process. I honestly wish my previous writing classes gave us this. I have never been the best writer, but this really helps. Planning is really essential to a great paper. When we plan we should always analyze the situation, gather the information, select the right medium, and organize the information. This is really important in any type of writing whether it is for an essay or a business message. The second step is to write. Writing should always be adaptable to the reader and should compose the message clearly. Third we usually overlook it after writing, but it is important to revise to make sure all words are correctly spelled. It also states that we should proofread and distribute the messages clearly, which is essential in writing.

I did enjoy how they explain to us the different kind of messages. For example, for routine messages we do not have to analyze the audience in depth. I really do not think much of the audience, but this really made me think to ask myself those key questions about the audience. For instance, who are they, how many people need to be reached out, and how much do they really know about the subject or topic. It is important to determine the audience size because there is a difference between reaching out to one thousand people than it is to reach out to ten.

As professional writers, we have the responsibility…

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