The Importance Of Writing Behavior

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How does one really understand the depth and meaning of their own writing behavior and how to exercise it to its apical wherewithal? Nope. How to use the way you write and how to make your writing better? Eh, not that either. How do you use your writing voice and style to it’s full potential? Ah, that’s better. Discovering your writing voice and becoming more aware of it will help to make your writing, yours.
Your writing style is “you put into a piece of work. What I mean by this is that your work reflects who you are. “... we make different choices in our writing than others make in theirs, choices that reflect who we are on the inside…” (Peha). That is what makes anything unique and different, the way it came into existence. And in writing,
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“Writing Consultant Anne Bolton agrees. ‘Read your paper aloud,’ she says, ‘see if you would be bored to death or be passionate about reading the essay.’” (Sibley). “So if we want our writing to be unique, we have to communicate strong feelings.” (Peha). When we don’t have passion for what we’re writing, we end up with work that seems unoriginal and quite frankly, bland. In my TA group, I asked my classmates to write based off of a scenario I gave them. One of them actually just copy and pasted the prompt and added a few extra words in there while someone else created an entirely new tone for it. By this, I could tell full well that the first person really didn’t want to do the assignment, and the second person actually enjoyed it.

Diction and tone are vital to actually letting your voice shine through in your writing. I knew that one of my classmates in the TA group was very passionate when writing because she was the only one who brought in some of her work for me to look at and even told me herself she was. In the prompt writing, her story was beautiful. It brought a completely different view than what I expected. But it sounded like her. If there were a pile of 10 different stories, i would be able to pick hers out

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