Questions On Wisdom Literature : The Book Of Job, Psalms, And Song Of Solomon

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Wisdom Literature
Wisdom literature is a category of writing that was popular in the ancient Near East. This literature is distinguished by words of knowledge that educate about spirituality and righteousness. “These books were probably written by sages, what we might call ‘the Israelite intelligentsia.’ Scholars debate whether there was a group of sages, as distinct from (for instance) prophets or priests, or a general intellectual movement among the Israelite elite but no distinct group” (Penchansky). The Bible holds the most popular examples of wisdom literature: The Book of Job, Psalms, the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. These are book of the Protestant Bible; the Catholic Bible would also include apocryphal books like Ecclesiasticus and Sirach. Wisdom literature is important because it deals with the issue of life that we face every day. For example, the Book of Job focuses about misery and pain. The Book of Psalms ties directly into human feelings, providing consolation and inspiration to millions of people for hundreds of years. Proverbs is basically an assortment of moral guidance. Ecclesiastes can be best conveyed as a quest for the meaning of life, and the Song of Solomon teaches about the influence, pressure, and feeling of romantic love.
The Israelites dealt with the same issues regarding faith as we do today: they questioned iniquity and suffering, felt happiness and were self-assured in the love of God, they…

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