Questions On The And Laboratory Technicians Essay

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The questionnaire was prepared a four-point Likert scale in which the instructors, department heads, and laboratory technicians were required to give their views as strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the nine positive statements regarding whose responsibility of establishing safe and secure chemical laboratory. As shown in table 2, the majority of respondents claimed that strongly agree and agree with the statements: share the skills that students and other workers need if they are to handle chemicals safely and hazard warning labels are properly used (94.9% ); Care you and environments from hazard chemical misuses(92.3%); Follow all of the safety protocols for the protection of themselves as well as others and reporting to the concerning bodies happened accidents immediately (89.7%); Make clean and hygiene workplaces(82.1%); Properly use personal protective equipment, appropriately sort chemicals in their compatibility and Take care waste management’s (76.9%). However during daily observation and our experience there is a limitation in the side of instructors, laboratory technicians, researchers as well as students in the institutions, that is why, in the chemical laboratory we observed that the presence of PPE but the majority of workers not use PPE properly. The workers were asked to respond why they not used PPE properly and how disposed the waste chemicals, they claimed that a lack of habit and understanding of the importance of wearing PPE;…

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