Essay on Questions On Purchasing And Material Management

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Purchasing and material management have evolved over the years and there are many roles we play as supply chain managers. One of your roles as a supply chain managers be the ability to negotiate. Accounting to Monzcka (p. 480) “we define negotiation as a process of formal communication, either face-to-face or via electronic means, where two or more people, groups or organizations come together to seek mutual agreement about an issue or issues”. Negotiation is a skill that takes some time to develop because it consists of five phases you must master to be successful, it does not develop overnight. It’s a talent many in this profession seek the power of negotiation is a high sort after skill nowadays many organizations. These Organizations seek supply chain professionals that have the skills to convince or persuade others to conform to their terms or come to an agreement where both organizations benefit. A great negotiator has the knowledge of finding the strength and weakness when analyzing an organization. Having the skill of negotiation put a supply chain manager at a level most people in industry strive to reach as many organizations ' success is due to great negotiators.
As supply chain manager, you must also deal with the issue of conflict management. Conflict management is how you deal with or counter an offer. Do you accept the offer they put on the table or do you counter the offer to with your own offer? Nowadays with many supply companies are located all the world…

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