Questions On Online Bergeron Midterm Exam Essay

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EDUC 2300 Online Bergeron Midterm Exam So far in this course, there has been a seemingly exponential amount of material that we have covered and also learned. We have learned how to engage learners and support learning objectives through the use of technology, as well as become aware of legal aspects in the use of technology. Also, we have discovered how to use the Internet as a tool in our classrooms, and how to use technology to expand our research and gain information from new sources. All of this combined has contributed to our knowledge gained so far in the course. One of the first things we worked on was how to engage learners through the use of technology. In one of the posted readings, we learned that by using approved social networks for teachers, we are able to connect not only with students, but with other educators and job opportunities. We were then able to find other resources to use in our classrooms that will engage students. In my discussion post, I wrote about Wordle, and said that it’s a great tool to use for a vocabulary assignment to interest the students, and see their words in interesting fonts and styles. Another student (Marisa Sensibello) explored Weebly, a site where you can design a website for your classes. In her discussion post, she explained all of the different tools that can be used, saying that she “used texts boxes, text colorings, background coloring and images” (Sensibello 2014). This was a great way for us to find new and unique…

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