Questions On Information And Information Essay

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Listening -Anytime information is transmitted there must be a sender and a receiver who both understand how critical each of their roles are in the successful exchange of information and ideas. There must be an agreed upon format that both parties can decipher and readily translate. No matter how the sender packages the information how it is perceived is always reliant upon the receiver, so for example if you are trying to express a point of view to another person the perception of your view will vary greatly from person to person depending on their listening style and abilities. A listener may take an active listening role and make a great effort be be focused on the speaker’s words, another listener may have a more critical style and may want to mostly immediately evaluate your ideas. Having a combination of listening styles would be most beneficial in business as it would increase your ability to receive and process information, and to think critically and also evaluate information. › Team Management

Assertiveness- Assertiveness is a useful skill to have as it allows you to express yourself confidently and to make your voice heard and to stand out from the crowd when it is important to do so. In a business environment being assertive allows you to seize opportunities to advocate for ways to pursue your plans and ideas so giving you a competitive advantage over others less assertive than you.…

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