Essay on Questions On All Things Plc

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All Things PLC
The website allthingsplc is setup to be user-friendly. Its purpose as state by its homepage is to “This site is a collaborative, objective resource for educators and administrators who are committed to enhancing student achievement. We invite you to share your knowledge, ask questions, and get expert insight into the issues educators face each day.” The “About” tab give several options nut the first and perhaps most important is “About PLC”; it lays out the design for a plc. By doing so it list common misunderstandings about PLCs by giving examples of common misconceptions. For example it list a common misconception that I have seen in my district: A PLC in a meeting. The website points out that, while meetings are a component of PLC, they are just one piece that make up a larger picture. Other options that are provided on the website are a list of PLCs around the country and a brief description of each with contact information listed. The list of PLCs around the country are the best part of this website. The description usually includes the district’s motivation from cultivation a PLC, a brief statement of the process of building the organizations, and data on the results from the PLC. This information makes this website unique. The greatest limitation of a website is that it is not human, therefore it limits itself to those comfortable with digital resources. With access to real school districts that have implemented a PLC and have the data to back up the…

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