Quest For Perfection : How Can People Just Like Us Cause So Much Harm?

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Quest for Perfection
Celebrities, everyone has one that they look up too. But, underneath all the fame, fortune, and success, they are regular people just like us.. They go shopping, and hangout with friends.
But how can people just like us cause so much harm?
When the Olsen family announced that they had their daughter Mary-Kate enter treatments for an eating disorder, many fans weren 't. They had seen the photos of the actress for the past months. They had showed pictures of an alarmingly thin girl with stick legs and sharp shoulder blades.
What surprised most was that, to some fans, those photos weren’t alarming, but inspirational. "I admire her," wrote one 19-year-old girl about Mary-Kate 's increasingly gaunt appearance on a Teenzeen website. The girl had cut out the skinniest pictures of Mary-Kate, she wrote, "and pasted them in my journal, because that is what I am striving to look like." Indeed, to the message-sender and others like her, Mary-Kate "epitomized the perfect 18-year-old," says Dr. Allyson Cherkasky, clinical director of eating-disorder services at Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, Mass. "She 's very thin and very beautiful and represented having it all."
Surrounded by images of young celebrities who are painfully thin girls growing up today can feel immense pressure to meet the same standard. Trying hard to look like their idols, some fall prey to eating disorders, and some abuse drugs to help them lose weight. Others, familiar with TV shows like…

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