Compare And Contrast Minnesota And New Mexico

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Essay 1 - Comparison
When discussing states in this country it is common knowledge that each has its own unique personality. What most people don’t think about is how similar two places can be while still appearing completely different. Two states that people would not think have any similarities are Minnesota and New Mexico. Minnesota and New Mexico have very different landmarks, weather, and terrain but still share several things in common.
Minnesota is located in the northern half of the country, which causes it to have humid summers and very cold winter weather. During the summer months weather is typically hot and humid with occasional tornadoes. Alternately, the winter weather is usually below zero temperatures with lots of snow. This
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The differences in landscapes and climates of both states are major attractions for nature lovers. Both states are known for camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking among other activities. One major attraction for both states is skiing. In the winter both states have several skiing resorts and locations which means nature lovers are not limited to only exploring in the winter. Each states rich history, attractions, and terrain has resulted in diverse cultures of its populations. New Mexico has a variety of small towns each with its history, culture and traditions. The small towns have developed their culture from its neighboring towns, Native American tribes, and early settlers. Similarly, Minnesota also has a diverse population in its major cities. These populations are the result of a variety of immigrants wanting to obtain the “American Dream.” Outside the major cities are several suburbs and smaller towns also with their own culture that has developed from the personality of its residents.
Minnesota and New Mexico are two states that, from all appearances, are completely opposite. The very nature of both states are very different. Minnesota is known for its humidity and blizzard like winters, while New Mexico, a desert, is hot and dry. The differences continue to extend to its landscape and landmarks. With all these differences, it’s a wonder

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