Quarterback-Personal Narrative

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Adrenaline It’s first down and I’m on offense, I’m also our running back. Quarterback gets the snap and hands it off to me, I start to run. Then there was their biggest player. Right in front of me, next thing I know he is on the floor and my coach yelled “Good stiff arm!”, but I hadn’t known that I did it. I got passed their whole team and I can see the fake grass shining in the floodlights. The bleachers shining metallic grey, and I can see the end zone just a few steps away, I close my eyes and keep running. And when I open my eyes, I’m standing in the end zone.

Today is the day that people try out for the high school football team, and I’m going to try out, to make the team. We had done tackling practice, running drills, passing

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