Personal Narrative-How To Play The Patriots

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Last Sunday, the Buccaneers escaped with a win against the New York Giants. Kicker Nick Folk grazed a 34-yard field goal to knock off the Giants 25-23 and send them to 0-4. Folk had previously missed two other field goals and an extra point in the game. The Buccaneers have the New England Patriots on Thursday in Tampa.
When the scheduled came out saying we had to play the Patriots, I won't lie, I thought we were in for a bad game. Now I look at this game as a very easily winnable game. The Patriots have the WORST defense in the NFL! How many people saw that coming? NOT ME! They are worse than the Browns and the Jets! The Patriots are giving up an average of 133 rushing yards, 324 passing yards, and 32 points per game.

The Buccaneers are sadly only averaging just under 85 yards rushing per game. On the bright side, we will have Doug aka Muscle Hamster Martin back for Thursday home game. Doug has missed the first 3 weeks of the year and hasn't played in a month so we should monitor his workload this week. The good news is that he has fresh legs and looks to be in TREMENDOUS shape! Winston and the Buccaneers are averaging just under 278 passing yards which is 3rd in the NFL. It could and should be a lot more but Winston's and Desean Jackson's chemistry just isn't quite where it needs to be. In the last few weeks, Winston has either underthrown or even sometimes overthrown Jackson (which I didn't think was possible).
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The Buccaneers defense really has to step up against the Patriots. Injuries have really plagued the Bucs, but everyone is starting to get a little healthy now. Kwon, David, Tandy, and Ward all did not practice on Monday, but that isn't saying much right now. We will know more Tuesday and Wednesday if they will be playing or not on Thursday. If we can get them all back then our Pass defense will be more equipped to handle all of Brady's

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