Unit 3 Swot Analysis Of A Small Company

Part Ⅰ is a basic part for readers to understand the business and management. As a new CEO, if I cannot figure out what is the best market out there and what is the most suitable market for the company, I cannot achieve the goals.

If a company focuses on solving problems, it will only look back and stay at the old days. However, opportunity is the future of a company. As a new company without much experience, the best thing for it to do is to seek opportunities. It is hard for a CEO to figure out what is the best market for the company, if he does not know what is their advantage. Moreover, not so many people have ever heard about a new company, so it is impossible for it to get voluntary phone calls from the clients. What the CEO needs to
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You never know what will happen in the future. A project may be too small for a big company, but it is a good opportunity for a small company. If the company does an excellent job in completing the small project, they have showed the owner of the project their abilities and professionalism. Next time, if the owner has other projects, he may just call the company and provide them this project. Even if he does not have other projects, it is still a possibility that he recommends the company to others. In addition, the Business Development Department of the company should keep touch with their clients in a long time. This is a way not only to build relationships, but also to make friends and earn …show more content…
It is really difficult for a company to pay attention to both quality and quantity with limited resources. As a CEO, I should decide which is the best for my company. However, this is not a difficult question to answer, because the choice should always be quality. Quality represents the professionalism of a company. If a company wants to build its brand, besides concentration, it also needs to have good quality of each product.
For a company, the CEO needs to pay attention to the quality of each project. The company can ask the third party to create indexes to assess the quality of projects. For example, they can review the drawings and estimate the structural engineering or electrical engineering. The CEO also can encourage the clients to do the assessment part by themselves, because it will be more convincible. The national and state government has its own laws and standards for different construction projects, and the company can have its own standards based on the national and state laws and standards. The project team that fails to meet the requirements will be punished, and that have met the requirement will earn rewards. The Human Resource Department can link the quality requirements to the assessment of each employee. This is a way to encourage employees to meet the quality requirement and train them to develop the awareness of

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