Quality Of A Health Care Setting Essay examples

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Quality in a health care setting is easily defined as doing the right thing (getting the health care services you need), at the right time ( when you need it), in the right way ( using the appropriate test), to achieve the best possible results. Quality means different things to different people. Some consumers think that getting quality health care means seeing the doctor right away, being treated courteously by the doctor or hospital staff, or having the doctor spend a lot of time with the patient and his family.
While staff, as a hospital, understand and agree that these things are very important, they believe clinical quality of care is even more significant. Why? Because offering high-quality, evidence-based care (care that is proven) leads to more lives saved and less time in the hospital(“Tristar Horizon”,2010). There are many different defintions of quailty, The Institute of Medicine defines healthcare quality as the extent to which health services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. The care should be based on the strongest clinical evidence and provided in a technically and culturally competent manner with good communication and shared decision making. Total quality is best defined as an attitude, an orientation that permeates an entire organization, and the way in which that organization performs its internal and external business. People who work in organizations dedicated to the concept of total quality constantly…

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