Essay on Quality And Safety Of Health Care

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Quality & Safety The quality and safety of health care services has been a major issue in the recent past because of the significance of these factors in the improvement of patient outcomes and enhancing the effectiveness of the health care system. Health care professionals and practitioners have increasingly focused on the need to improve the quality and safety of their services given the constant increase in patient population. As a result, various measures have been developed and implemented in attempts to enhance the quality and safety of care services and improvement of practices. These measures include delivery of patient-centered care, safety initiatives, teamwork and collaboration, informatics, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice. There are several ways with which incidents or interactions in each of these components are handled and can be improved based on leadership/management theory content.
Patient Centered Care – Interaction A bedside report was not done at bedside and did not incorporate patient or family members. I questioned my preceptor after report was given and was told the patient was resting and they did not want to wake him. When we did enter the room the patient and wife had questions for the registered nurse that was on the previous shift about lab results the oncoming nurse was not aware of yet. The patient/family also seemed bothered they did not meet the oncoming nurse and was not aware of what time change of shift was. One…

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