Qualities Of A Family's Love To His Family

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Qualities within a person are similar to fingerprints in the way that the are all different. Just like no one has the same fingerprints no one expresses qualities the exact same way as another person. For example, anger can be demonstrated in multiple ways that include: physically hitting someone else, crying, or even silence. However, Alex has been one of my closest friends since the 5th grade and is now my boyfriend. And within those years I have had the privilege to see how his love is presented towards his family, friends, and I. To begin with, Alex’s love to his family is a never ending love that started from the day he was born and will never stop. He presents his love to his siblings by becoming an over-protective brother to 3 younger siblings. For example, Alex is very protective over his younger sister when a guy tries to “hit on” her. He …show more content…
Alex at times is the type of guy who loves to be “lovey dovey.” Therefore, this causes him to be more affectionate with me. For example, he enjoys giving me random hugs and kiss my forehead as well as holding my hand wherever we go. Also, Alex doesn’t only show me he loves me by physically telling me he does. He will tell me to “ drive safe,” ask me how my day went and listening to me whenever I need someone to talk to about anything and everything. His representation of love to me doesn’t always need to be in a physical form like food, money, or jewelry. It is the simple things like his affection and the time he gives to me to be there for me.
Alex’s love has different ways of being represented depending on who he is showing his love towards whether it is his family, friends, or me. His demonstration of love varies from “tough love” to being very verbal about it or showing it through different actions. One thing about his love is that it will be the same between us all is the love itself he shares amongst

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