Qualities Of A Charismatic Leader Essay

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Charismatic Leadership Leaders are necessary in all parts of society in both the work environment and in personal life. Understanding how to be an effective leader can help you succeed by improving social standing or even get promotions. Leaders have characteristics that are observable in each type of leader. There are many different types of leaders that can influence people for both good and bad reasons. Understanding how to be an effective leader and the qualities they possess will help develop as a leader. One type of leader is able to use their charisma to entice people to follow them and to take their options as their own. Some characteristics of a charismatic leader are thing such as being environmentally sensitive, having an idealized vision, being articulate in communicating his/her vision, and being trustworthy and likable while having a well-developed expertise, which are characteristics not typically associated with other leadership styles (Lopez & Ensari, 2014). Within the category of charismatic leaders, they have different alignments such as socialized charismatic or personalized (DuBrin, 2013).
A socialized leader is one that is going to use their charisma for the benefit of others whereas a personalized charismatic leader is using their leadership for their own self-interest. We can see examples of each of these types of leaders in our everyday society. Bernie Madoff is a good example of a personalized charismatic leader. Madoff was able to take millions…

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