My Personal Experiences Of A Charismatic Leader

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The first part of my assessment covered various areas. One of the areas covered my basic personality. I found that I scored highest on my how much I am open to mew experiences. This means that I tend to have wide range of interests. In the Jungian 16-Type personality test, it revealed that I am reserved and creative and could possibly succeed as poet, missionary or an educational consultant. These three areas are areas that I have interested in, seeing as though I have written poetry and also have an interest in teaching the word of God and in outreach. Regarding the personality type, I tend to be more laid back, even under stressful situations. This is confirmed in the type-A test, in which I scored a 93. This means I have a B+ personality and puts me about in …show more content…
What surprised me was that I scored a 42 on my listening skills, and although this score is not low, it is not high either. This indicates that I could improve my listening to a greater degree. Another aspect I believe is important is the ability to discipline and give correction to others. In this area I scored a 13, and according to the reports any score under 19 shows there can be much improvement in disciplining others. One of the other aspect of working with others is the ability to have charisma. Charismatic leaders are leaders who are recognized as having exceptional leadership abilities. The highest of my scores were in the management of attention, or how much I pay attention to others when communicating with them. This also works in concert with my other high score I had which was my management of my actions in regards to others. I think that this is a good combination to have, to be aware of your own actions while simultaneously being aware of how you come off to others. This could explain my ability to teach small groups in the college ministry I am involved in. aVery good personal

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