Quadir Anger Case Study

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QP provided Quadir with a CBT activity geared towards reaction anger. QP explained to Quadir that the activity will examine physical reaction to anger. QP asked Quadir to list some ways to cope with anger. QP asked Quadir to list some of his physical symptoms of anger. QP brainstormed with Quadir some mental signs on anger. QP discussed with Quadir, how he know when he is angry. QP discussed with Quadir how he handles anger situation. QP discussed with Quadir a plan on how to deal with his anger. QP explored with Quadir his emotional responses to anger situations. QP provided Quadir with a quiz to test how well is his anger management skills. QP asked Quadir to list some of his physical reactions that let him know that he is angry. QP asked …show more content…
QP brainstormed with Quadir the cost of anger. QP asked Quadir to rat his anger on a scale of 1-10. QP informed Quadir of school visit. QP met with Ms. Wingate, the guidance counselor of Rocky Munt day treatment school. QP provided information on goals Quadir is working towards. QP provided information about Quadra’s behavior that related to social skills and compliance skills. QP discussed the importance of teaching Quadir to increase compliance with in all settings. QP asked questions about Quadir behavior in school. QP asked question s about Quadir academic progress. QP asked Questions about Quadir moving back to regular school for next semester. QP asked questions about Quadir’s interaction with his peers and teachers. QP informed mom of the school visit. QP discussed with mom the concerns the guidance concern address in the meeting. QP informed mom of his behavior and grades in school. QP discussed with mom ways that Quadir could learn from techniques with in the home setting which can also applied in the school setting. QP provided mom with the progress Quadir is making with his goals. QP asked mom about her concerns. QP asked mom about the progress Quadir is making with his behavior at home QP aske mom about the effectiveness of IIH

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