Qrt2 Task 1 Essay

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Running Head: QRT2 – Task 1

QRT2 - eBusiness – Task 1
Western Governor’s University


QRT2 – Task 1

A1. Viability of product or service

Classy’s Couture and Salon was founded in 2008 by Macy Smith, in downtown
Puyallup, WA to provide high end hair and skin services. Macy’s goal for her business is “bringing beauty to the south sound area”. The business has survived its first four years. During that time a Macy’s initial partnership was dissolved suddenly and unexpectedly, creating chaos in the salon. The recession impacted sales greatly forcing her to reduce hours and staff to stay in business. While Macy had years of salon experience she was inexperience in the owner/manager roles and had to learn these
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They are looking for high end hair and skin services that will help meet their beauty requirements. These customers demand excellent customer service. Classy’s Couture and Salon will be targeting three segments. The diversity in these segments will address risk of another economic downturn and provide a broader reach in a crowded market. The goal is to appeal to each individual segment.
1. Geographic segmentation South sound (e.g. Puyallup, Milton, Fife,
Sumner, Graham, Bonney Lake, and Lake Tapps)
2. Demographic segmentation (e.g. woman (18 – 55), men (18 – 55))
3. Services segmentation (e.g. Hair, Skin)
This competitive analysis focuses on four competitors. Each competitor is analyzed in five areas (i.e. search engine optimization, social media, Website design, website content, and mobile optimization). An objective criterion was created and used to evaluate Classy’s and each competitor (see figure A1.1). Additional comments were provided as part of the review (see figure A1.2). Two search terms were used in the analysis after reviewing the common search terms in the Google Webmaster Tools.
Other terms will be considered as part of the strategy section.

QRT2 – Task 1


Criteria Areas


Social Media



Search results page and position
Reviews, positive
Exists, # of

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