Essay Qi Plan Part Iii

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QI Plan Part III - Implementation and Revision
Anna Caluza
May 26, 2014
Linda Roan

Q I Part III – Implementing and Revising The implementation of correct systems required a team including expert leader’s approach. Effective communications between leaders of Doctor’s Medical Center, end users, the vendors, and the department staff is important when collecting data. For data transfer, authority need to assure that the new system communicate with the existing system. The administrative leaders guide the project activities, data protocol collection, clearly understand roles and responsibilities, and set up policy and procedure. Leader guide the staff to pursue the desire to achieve the goal. In
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On the other hand, middle managements are responsible in implementation of the process of quality improvement by guiding, supporting, and informing the staff (Balding, n.d.). The middle management responsibilities involves in communicating, campaigning, and coordinating implementation process to improve the quality of care including department staffs to follow the plans that the managers developed. Communication and Education The QI committee’s communication process is the used of web-ex conference and in person with the management, medical staffs, and other hierarchy provide an update regarding the progress and verify goal achievement (Kaplan, Provost, Froehle, & Margolis, n.d.). Responsible in data collection are the staff and middle managers. In addition, staff and middle managers prepare reports, decision-makers for the quality improvement. Doctors Medical Center (DMC) of Modesto provides update on regular basis regarding training dates including the progress, which is recorded log activity report. A fundamental of quality improvement process needs education for the whole employee regarding the new method to deliver quality care. The kind of education builds upon the job specification. The staff nurse’s receives education on the appropriate way to response on questions that are difficult;

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