Women's Role In Daoism

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How do women in Daoism practice internal alchemy? Daoism is the indigenous religion of China. The school of Daoism is originated from the teachings of Laozi and Zhuangzi. The teaching and practice of Daoism emphasize living life in harmony with the Dao. Daoist teaching focuses on understanding the reality of nature, increasing longevity, and practicing immortality. Daoism is related to women in many different ways. Daoism provides alternatives for women in a Confucian-dominated society where women are seen as “lower nature, impure, and irresponsible.” According to Confucians, women are inferior to men. The proper roles of women are at home as a wife and mother under male authority. Women are responsible for raising and educating the children. …show more content…
Women in Daoism intent to attain immortality and self-realization in the school of Complete Perfection. Following the leadership of Sun Buer, formal rules were set up for lay and monastic women practitioners. The main goal of the school of Complete Perfection is the attainment of the pure Dao. The goal can be reached through monastic living, karma purification, and merit making. There are ten precepts designed for women who have just made the decision to leave the family and pursue the Dao. The eight out of ten perceptions are to be loyal and filial, kind and faithful, compassionate and graceful, and stay chaste and pure. The practitioners must use Dao to help others and make sure all members of society live in harmony. Additionally, the women practitioners in the school of Complete Perfection must not “slander, gossip, and defamation, wine and meat consumption and other physical indulgences as well as remain free from greed and …show more content…
It begins with refining sexual energy (jing) into cosmic energy (qi) and from there into the spirit (shen). Spirit eventually merges with the eternal Dao and becomes one with the emptiness of the universe. The state of freedom from the world is the attainment of transcendence and immortality. In the first stage of attainment, menstrual blood in women flow reversed and begins to move upward, toward the brain. Women beings their work by transforming menstrual blood into qi. Menstrual blood in women represents jing. Women contain pure yin in a form of qi. On the journey toward the head, the reversed jing gains a yang quality that transforms into qi. At the top of the head, the reversed jing unites with other yin secretions of the body and move downward to the lower cinnabar field also known as the Ocean of Qi. The Ocean of Qi is a major energy storage center or yin storage in the body. Through this process of refinement, the various aspects of qi give birth to a pearl also known as “mysterious pearl” in the lower cinnabar field. The appearance of a pearl indicates the successful completion of the first stage. In the second stage, the pearl grows into the immortal embryo. The immortal embryo stays in the lower and middle cinnabar fields for ten months. The immortal embryo is nourished by the “rhythmic ascent and descent of qi.” Qi then grows into shen. The

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