Qi Plan Part Ii - St. Joseph Essay

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QI plan Part II
July 27, 2015
Georgia Rothstein

QI Plan Part II This week’s study is a continuation of the week three assignment. Saint Joseph’s Hospital will focus on improving patient discharge instructions. This paper will have a description of each methodology researched as well as the pros and cons of each for the chosen performance improvement area. One of the mentioned methodologies will be chosen for the organizational plan as well as an explanation of that methodology was chosen. There will be a description of information technology applications researched as well as an explanation of they could be used to improve the performance area chosen for the organization. An explanation of the involvement of benchmarks and
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The con is it works at improving the products and not the people or services. The last method to be discussed is people based improvement. One of the benefits of using this method as it relates to quality improvement is everyone within the organization is included instead of just specific individuals. One of the things that makes this method so effective is it requires the employees to work together to accomplish tasks and everyone is responsible. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure training but the employees are responsible for guiding. This allows all of the employees to work together to provide the best outcome for the patient who is being taken care of. The pros of this method are every employee is able to participate and provide feedback as well as receive training on how to properly do their jobs. The con is this process could require more money or time than the organization has or is willing to spend. Saint Joseph’s Hospital would benefit from the people based improvement to improve quality service in patient discharge instructions. The reason this method was chosen is because it allows the organization to have the managers provide training on how they want the discharge information done. It allows them to let the employees know what information needs to be filled out for the hospitals records and how they want this information completed so that everyone is doing it the same way. It also allows

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