Q1. Understanding Human Behavior Is Critical to Organizations – Discuss the Benefits of Self Evaluation/Self Assessment as It Relates to Leaders Today

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Q1. Understanding human behavior is critical to organizations – discuss the benefits of self evaluation/self assessment as it relates to leaders today.

Understanding human behavior is critical to managers at all levels inside any

organization. Individual managers within the organization can especially benefit

from conducting self-evaluations. It is essential for managers to be self -ware and

understand how their own behavior and personality can give them a better

perspective while working with others. Being self-aware allows one to recognize

and improve their strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize their leadership


In Organizational Behavior, Robins & Judge (13th Edition) tell us that
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Another option would be to request feedback from

peers and subordinates, however this clearly has its limitations for a realistic

viewpoint. The managers can also look to constantly self-test by asking themselves

simple questions like “how did I do on that particular task or project?” This takes

personal commitment in order to continuously assess and note the positives and

negatives of oneself.

There are limitations to utilizing self-assessments as the only means by

which to assess. Conducting a self –assessment can be a difficult and daunting task

for many managers. Some may struggle with where to start and others may be

afraid of what they will discover about themselves. Some arrogant managers may

even pass up the idea as unnecessary and not admit to any failings in their

leadership style or approach. Another limitation is that many managers will over

estimate their skill set and ability level and they could be missing on vital points that

require improvement. The same can be said for managers that under-estimate their

In order to get the most out of self-assessments the managers will need to utilize

it as a tool to help evaluate feedback they receive from others. This additional

feedback could come from a line manager, mentor or through a 360.degree

evaluation conducted by their peers and subordinates. It can be very easy to

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