Purpose Of Education And Education Essay

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Purposes of Education Suppose we did not have education and therefore, no need for teachers. Where would society be? My personal opinion is that we would not be able to accomplish the things that we have in society such as computers and electronics in general, the tall building we see in cities, and we never would have made it to the moon. The purpose of education as we know it is to learn as much as we can, then we pass it on to the willing persons of the next generation for them to continue where we left off and stopped. One generation did not learn everything that we know today. This is why it is necessary to have education so we can keep building and growing in society.
Everyone, in one way or another, is a teacher. For those of us who capitalize on teaching there are things that we need to consider. We need a strategy on how we gain the interest of students. A few examples of this would be to take a humorous approach, trying to make students laugh and become interested. Another way is to make class military-like. A way of accomplishing a military-like class is being strict, having no sympathy by treating every excuse for wrong doings the same, and having no favorite students. This approach is more ran with fear instead of genuine interest from the students. My third example of a strategy is to be a best friend to the class, make yourself approachable. A person can do this by allowing students to address them by first name, and by having…

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