Purpose Of An Education Promoting Shalom Mercy Ann Ranjan Essay

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Purpose of an Education promoting shalom Mercy Ann Ranjan
Looking at the root Hebrew meaning for shalom we see in the Old Testament, the root word is found in many Semitic languages. The Akkadian salamu comes closest to the root meaning “whole or complete” (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1992, pp 206). According to the New Testament, it is referred that the Hebrews tended to use the term primarily for interpersonal or social relations where it comes very close to meaning “Justice.” When justice is done it is seen as God’s gift to the people and shalom comes to the people when they live faithfully under God’s covenant (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1992, pp 207). Jesus also emphasizes through the beatitudes that peacemakers will be called children of God (Matt 5:9). And the possible way for us to be peacemakers is through our interpersonal interactions with people in society. Therefore, interconnecting shalom and justice by showing us that when we are peacemakers and promote Shalom we invariably harvest justice (Isa 32:20).
Purpose of Shalom in education:
Having the understanding of shalom, I wonder what this shalom has to do in education. To answer this question Wolterstorff points out the relation shalom has with scripture. According to the Bible, though people have hierarchies and different roles in society, God wanted them to show consideration towards the other and build connections with the vulnerable in society (Wolterstorff, 2013, pp 74). The…

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