Puppy Mill Case Study

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Lesson 10 Review Questions
1. Puppies born in commercial breeding facilities (i.e. puppy mills) do not receive proper socialization; what are behavioral problems that may result later in life? What are some physical health problems that occur in puppies from puppy mills?? What are some physical health problems that occur among the breeding stock??
As a result of not getting socialization at a young age many problems can happen. The puppies could grow up and become afraid of everyone, become aggressive towards humans because they abused them, or just not interact with anyone and become isolated. Some physical health problems can be diseases. Diseases is a big problem in puppy mills because of its unclean environment. Also, they can have injuries that have not been treated properly, which can eventually even lead to death. Additionally, in the breeding stock many problems can occur. These problems range from blood diseases to neurological disorders. As I have seen with my dog, she has many neurological disorders from coming from this environment. She has no peripheral vision and exhibits a lot of fearful behaviors.

2. What is your favorite dog breed, and why?? List the congenital and heritable disorders that occur in that breed.? Were you surprised by the number of disorders??
My favorite dog breed is a German Shepherd. I enjoy them because of
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I would encourage them to go for a mixed breed dog instead of a purebred since so many problems come from breeding these dogs. Additionally, in the future I would adopt from a shelter to ensure that I am contributing to the decrease of unwanted dogs (we have a Paillon-Pomeranian mutt that we got from the shelter and he is the best dog in the world. Additionally, my parents got my first dog from an rescue agency and she lived to be 20 with no problems other than old age when we had to put her

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