Pumpkin Patch: Personal Trip Essay

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Pumpkin Patch
I recently took a trip to a pumpkin patch in my hometown. It is located off the main highway in a secluded field surrounded by enormous Douglas Firs and various scattered Maple trees. The pumpkin patch is owned by a gentle, older couple whom you will often find wandering around the patch helping when needed. My trip not only provided me with a pumpkin, it also reminded me of the simple beauties of life.
Hundreds of feet of tangling green vines were on the ground with pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes skewered throughout the patch. It was a gloomy day but that did not hinder the sense of excitement everyone seemed to have. The rain was softly trickling down and I could feel the mud seep around my boots as I
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Mud splattered the large, shiny Green Deer tractor with giant yellow wheels that looked as if it was only a few days old. The man driving it was playing his part, wearing light blue overalls with white stripes and a straw hat. The tractor pulled a rather large metal orange cart that had hay bales lined up against the inside. There were all sorts of riders; parents held their children’s hand as they seemed concerned the child might wiggle away and couples leaned in close to stay warm. The tractor started at one end of the pumpkin patch at made its way through a pre-paved path, zigzagging through the pumpkins and people.
The pumpkin patch also had a small petting zoo located in a nearby barn with horses, cows, and a few goats. The barn smelled like a mixture of wood and animal manure, a familiar and almost welcoming smell for country lovers. The horses especially drew my attention because there were two foals running around an adult cow with what seemed to be a free-spirit. Some people who came into the barn did not seem as interested in the animals as they were to escape the cold fall breeze outside.
When I finally spotted my pumpkin there was an excited tingling feeling in my stomach, it was like my inner child was screaming to get out. With one hand I grabbed the prickly green vine on the top and with the other the slippery, muddy bottom of the pumpkin and lifted it into my wagon. The only thing separating me

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