Pulling The Trigger On Gun Control Essay

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Pulling the trigger on Gun Control

The American rifle and the semi-automatic handgun: two iconic pieces to the American culture and foundation, both symbols of authority and protection to their American users- not anymore. The American rifle and handgun receive fire from American modern society with “more than 20,000 enforced gun regulations across the country,” according to Jonathan Masters, a University of Sydney graduate and member of gunpolicy.org (Masters). These regulations jeopardize the existence of automatic rifles in American homes and prevent the carrying of hand guns in safe zones, such as bars and schools even when carriers have their proper permits. The safety of the American people loses significant value with every gun regulation posed. Soon the American people may not have the correct tools to defend themselves in the more violent, modern America. Advancing overly restrictive gun control laws and regulations stand at the root of this nation’s inner city violence and in order to preserve harmony within the people further restrictions enacted need cautious consideration. Dan Diamond, head of Forbes Healthcare, mentions “for decades, the most dangerous piece of machinery was an automobile. But now it’s a gun,” even after all of the gun laws and regulations currently posed. Diamond poses charted data from different, largely populated, countries regarding gun violence. In 2015 Germany reported “1.7 deaths per 100,000 people” and England reported “.7 deaths…

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