Are Gun Control Laws Necessary Essay

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Are Gun Control Laws Necessary in the United States?
The United States has approximately 325 million guns in the population. This high number almost translates to a ratio of one gun per person. The United States has also witnessed several fatal incidents where shooters used these firearms to kill innocent civilians. As such, the entire situation begs the question whether gun control laws are necessary to curb gun-related violence. The situation has developed into a national issue with people taking different stands on the debate. Those who agree that this violence is a result of the relaxed regulations on gun ownership call for gun control laws to curb the availability of firearms. However, there exists strong opposition against these laws
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Criminals steal legally obtained firearms and use them to commit crimes. One of the major counterarguments proposed by pro-guns advocates is that gun control laws will not prevent criminals from getting guns as they already bypass they system. A majority of the firearms used in committing crimes entered the public sphere through a legal transaction (FBI). Millions of guns are stolen from their rightful owners every year. Criminals buy these weapons from the streets and black-market dealers; they use them to commit crimes. As such, it is clear that the legal aspect of firearms availability is quite influential in facilitating the availability of guns for criminal purposes (Lott 23). Even when law-abiding citizens do not intend to commit a crime, the buglers who steal the weapon have malicious intentions. As such, the legal system acts as a gateway for criminals to access firearms. Gun control laws that intend to limit the number of guns available in the public domain have a significant opportunity to reduce the number of these weapons available to …show more content…
These laws have led to significant achievements in other countries such as the reduction of rates of homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths. This comparison approach provides merit to the regulations by proving that they have a positive effect on society (Helmke 551). For example, Switzerland ranks fourth in gun ownership with a firearm for approximately every two people. However, the country has strict gun control laws that ensure a comprehensive background check before administration of a purchase license. The homicide levels in the country are extremely low with 0.4 gun homicides for every 100,000 people in 2007 (Matzopoulos 19). These figures greatly contrast those of the United States where there were 4.2 gun murders in the same year (FBI). This argument proposes that gun control is an efficient way to curb gun-related violence. The fact that the regulations have worked in other countries provides evidence of the success of strict gun control laws in the United States instead to the prevailing permissive culture. The assurance that only people who are mentally fit and have no criminal background promote the existence of responsible and non-threatening gun ownership in the country. The current system in the country allows people to purchase firearms with reduced accountability from vendors and none in gun show

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