Publix Super Market, Inc. Essay

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Introduction to the Organization Publix Super Market, Inc. was founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins. The company is well known as the largest and the fastest-growing employee owned supermarkets in the United States. It operates retail food supermarkets in the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee in the U.S. In 2013, the company continues to make its way to the top and operates 1,079 supermarkets where 759 is located in Florida, 181 in Georgia, 55 in Alabama, 48 in South Carolina and 36 in Tennessee. In term of products Publix Company offers bakery products, dairy product, deli foods, meat and seafood, health and beauty care product, flowers, general merchandise, produce. It serves prescription refilling services, health screenings, flu and other immunizations, diabetes management system, generic drugs, gift cards, and automatic teller machine services. Some major competitors of Publix super markets are Costo Whole Sale Coorperation, Wal-Mart store, Winn-Dixie store inc, Ingles Markets, Target corporation, CVS Caremark Coorporation, Whole Foods Markets, Supervalu inc, The Kroger Co., Safeway Inc.
HR Strategy
Every organization requires having a human resource strategic management in order to succeed. In order to establish the HR strategic the company needs to have a strategic plan. Once a company set a strategic goal, it helps with the growth of the company and gives the CEO an idea of whom to choose to make the plan comes to live.…

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