Essay on Public Schools And Public Education

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The ubiquitous nature of public schools in modern America can make it hard to fathom that it took over a hundred years from our nation’s founding for the federal government to understand the importance of funding an adequate system for public education. Currently, in the United States, a portion of the taxes collected by federal and local governments is allocated to the free education every child between the ages of five and eighteen. The current laws that only require education to be free to students until the end of secondary (high) school, were written based on outdated standards. Decades ago, when most federal laws regarding the funding of public education were written, the average adult only needed a high school diploma in order to have the technological knowledge necessary to navigate their world and the education necessary to find employment that would support themselves and a family. Recent rapid advances in a variety of technological fields have created an employment market that requires a work-force educated far beyond any high school’s capabilities Along with this need for a more technologically advanced workforce, more and more employers in fields other than technology, require employees with certifications or niche skill sets that require post-secondary education. Today, any American student who wishes to obtain education beyond high school, but does not receive one of a limited amount of scholarships, must apply for private or government student loans in…

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