Essay on Public Relation And Crisis Of Public Relations

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Public Relation and crisis Public relations has become a broad concept after development, which in technical fields in the media after it was public relations in the past using only the field of journalism where it was based only in writing. Crises that have occurred in some companies such as Tylenol that make some companies that are interested more in the management of public relations as a result of some companies have made the management of public relations connected with high management. Public relations had an active role in participating in some of the decisions of the company and know the views of the public about the company. In 2000, technology has become an impact on the masses through the backlash that allowed some companies to their audiences to participate in the views and the impression about the company where the e-mail is an important means in that time. With the development of technology Public relations become more important through the means of communication (Coppock,2011).
The importance of public relations
Communication by the public relations department is important to give advice to various departments in the company. Public relations are keen to find out what the public needs until public relations reached the goals that aspire to reach. According to the Public Relations Society of America public relation is “Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of…

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