Public Policy Leaders Essay

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Public policy leaders are asked to help create a government that protects democratic values and follows the general will of the people while acting for the good of society as a whole. Therefore, a dilemma is created where policy leaders must act based on their own morals, ethics, and education while taking notice of the call of public opinion. Society expects public policy leaders to represent the needs and wants of the people through government and to uphold the constitution for all members of the constituency, not just the supporters of a political figure, so sometimes a situation will occur that the leader’s on views will conflict with the general will. Therefore, a public policy leader must know when act on his or her own experience, education, …show more content…
Policy leaders are to understand that public interest is not always the same as what is demanded from government and that the general will may not always act to benefit society as a minority can sometimes overpower the silent majority. This can cause public opinion to be twisted from what is best for society, but a public policy leader should take an interest in social movements and groups that contain persistent, popular majorities and head them with discretion. Social movements often involve those who are less likely to be politically active and give minorities a chance to have a platform for issues. However, a movement or group may also be calling for a change that will not positively affect society that can occur if the line is crossed into open rebellion. So, if a movement is working to impact policy positively, it may be an accurate depiction of societal needs and wants. This creates a bridge between the people and government and increases the people’s political efficacy by giving proof of public opinion affecting policy and the Social Contract. By following demands of a majority, public policy leaders help create a government that is influenced by the wants of the people and that draws inspiration from the ideals of federalism, that one part abides to general will while another ensures the societal standards for the nation. When the circumstance is that

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